Diversity, Knowledge, And Skills

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Health care professionals need to be culturally aware and competent in order to give the best care possible. The American Association of College of Nursing defines cultural competencies as “the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for providing quality care to diverse populations” (California Endowment, 2003). In order for nurses to have the capability to provide this type of care, they must have the understanding of their own personal cultural awareness and capability. After performing a self-assessment and analysis, I was able to determine my own knowledge, attitude and biases related to cultural awareness and competency in order to provide culturally competent nursing care to patients. Personal biases must be put aside while attaining cultural competence.
After completing the multicultural awareness self-assessment tool, I have become more aware of the knowledge and skills that I need to focus on to be culturally competent. According to the attached self-assessment, I have a grade point average of 1.55 for multicultural awareness, knowledge and skill. This is not a very high grade point average. There are parts of this assessment that I excelled in and vise verse parts that I am now aware that I need to improve on. I definitely feel as thou I would provide an excellent answer to questions related to my own cultural. As a kid, I was taught a lot about my Irish heritage and have very strong beliefs. I have also grown up in very diverse population and been around

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