Diversity Management Case Study

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Recommendation: Development of a diversity management policy and program to minimize systemic discrimination and provide educational tools for staff and management.
Background The City of Grande Prairie prides itself on being a leading industry innovator. With the introduction of a diversity management policy/program and by educating staff and managers this is our opportunity to take this innovation to a new level in a barrier free environment. Shifting our corporate culture from viewing diversity as daunting or inconvenient, to an opportunity to retain committed, knowledgeable, diverse staff will more effectively support staff/residents and demonstrate city guiding beliefs. By supporting staff and educating managers we demonstrate …show more content…

This presents an opportunity to examine how our present culture, supporting policies, systems, practices, rules and procedures measure up to the standards of a diverse workplace. If focus groups results are less than favourable; an option is the establishment of a diversity committee. This committee would oversee diversity efforts, implement portions of the process, and serve as a communication link among employees, managers and union officials. The primary focus of this committee would be to align performance measures and targets with the organizations strategic and business plan objectives and the work being done on the front line (Plant & Douglas, Pg. 14). This committee would also link the high level decisions making processes with daily operations; in addition to hosting meetings to facilitate the measurement reviews and variations (Plant & Douglas, Pg. 14). In order to embrace diversity, an organization must have a supportive culture and policies/procedures in place that reinforce the workplace to be a respectful, non-judgemental place to work. This committee would help joint problem solve and remove workplace performance barriers (Plant & Douglas, Pg.

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