Diversity's Impact on Organizations

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Diversity must be created and maintained with in organizations. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impacts of diversity onto an organization in addition to explaining the legally mandated and stakeholder driven explanations for mandatory diversity.

Diversity’s Impact on Organizations Diversity within an organization is a blending of people from various cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Diversity has challenged organizations to set realistic goals for its leaders as well as its employees. The organization must look at the moral, ethical and social responsibilities it has toward its employees and understand their legal obligations set by laws. It is important for …show more content…

Gender The number of women entering the workforce has increased over the years. To reap the benefits of gender diversity and create an inclusive workplace organizations are developing flexible employment approaches. Flexible employment approaches include arrangements that allow job sharing so that employees are better able to care for their children or flexible employment conditions such as flextime that give employees input into the length and scheduling of their workweek. With the increase in gender diversity, organizations have developed sexual harassment training supported by top management. This training includes: defining quid pro quo, what hostile environments are, providing examples of types of behaviors that are prohibited and describing disciplinary actions that will be taken in instances of sexual harassment.
Today employees’ educational backgrounds vary considerably; this has led organizations to enhance their training and development programs. “Functional illiteracy the ability to handle basic reading, math, and arithmetic is a serious problem at work (Dessler, 2002).” Employers are responding in two ways. First more organizations are testing job candidates’ basic skills and secondly more organizations are setting up basic skills and literacy programs. “For example, Smith and Wesson instituted a comprehensive program. A literacy audit revealed

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