Diversity in Organizational Behavior Essay

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Diversity Organizational Behavior Norbert Karczewski February 14, 2009 Introduction In this world, there are no two people who are alike. The one similarity is that the world is compiled as one big human race. Differences play a vital role in all people lives. Whether it is at home or in the workplace, one will encounter many diverse situations during the course of their lifetime. Within this word, diversity has many facets. Like people, each is unique; others has to accept it and respect it to maintain harmony. There will be four areas of diversity being discussed and defined in relation to ones behavior. Differences in Skills and Abilities One may not think that other’s…show more content…
Several decades ago women were not seen as equal to a male human being. The Stanford Graduate School of Business (2005) states that women still has a disadvantage, sometimes, when it comes to attaining career success; women across the board seem to be enjoying greater parity with men—except in "good-old-boy companies,". Affirmative Action has assisted the gender diversity in many ways. Women are finally getting their just reward as it relates to respect, being heard as an equal, and most of all salaries. Regardless of your biological sex, hard work, ambition, and aggressive behavior is a plus in the workplace today. In all prospective, understanding gender differences and diversity issues can help develop a productive way to manage all aspects of ones’ life. Value and Attitude Differences There is something in this world that’s valued by someone in this humanistic society. It is a simple but total belief that signifies how one should or should not act. Ones’ personality tends to guide their uniqueness toward interaction with others. Some professionals feel that a person’s personality is by nurture and others seem to think it’s by genetics. Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn (2005) highlights the two forces operate in combination; heredity consist of traits determined at conception and nurture consists of cultural, social, and situational factors. Value and personality is very influential and impacts many human’s attitude and
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