Diversity in Today's Society

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Fienberg-Fisher is known for having a Hispanic majority and because of that I deduced that language was an important factor in the children education. Expecting to encounter with many Hispanic kids and Spanish throughout the hallways, it was a surprise to find the most of them where not technically allow to speak another language outside English. It’s understandable why staff would not want their students speaking another language, but it was shocking, because instead of empowering the children to better themselves they were doing the opposite. My fifteen hours of service were spent in a second grade class, where we could clearly appreciate the diversity that the school offers. Mr. Johanson is a mentor for the ESOL kids that have difficulty pronouncing words correctly, while I was there a lot of them tried to speak Spanish with me but were forbidden to do so, which was understandable but for me it was unnecessary because they would do it outside the classroom. The teacher was limiting them, not allowing them to incorporate their culture into their everyday life. It can be arguable that it for their benefit but when you watch the student after they are told not to speak Spanish it’s like telling them that they not allow to be themselves. When you entered the classroom the first thing you would notice it’s the different races the school has. It was exciting to be actually a part of…
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