Divine Comedy Poem

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The Divine Comedy The Divine Comedy is a narrative poem, which was written by Dante Alighieri. The long narrative poem was written from 1308 and was completed around 1320. A deep analysis of The Divine Comedy reveals that the poem is in a way, a story about Dante’s journey throughout life to the final salvation. The opening canto of the poem starts in the middle of Dante’s life, where he finds himself in a dark wood, with no clear direction in which to go. This canto becomes the introduction to the Divine Comedy. The poem, (considered to be one of the greatest works in the history of literature) is viewed as the finest work in the whole of Italian literature. Famous during its time, the poem seems to somewhat represent the medieval world-view (similar to that which had been developed by the Western Church in the 14th century). This representation is brought about by the poem through excellent imaginative vision of the afterlife. The Divine Comedy was among the last works of Dante Alighieri, who met his death in 1321, a year after completion of this particular poem. For the purpose of this essay, an analysis of The Divine Comedy will be researched. The Divine Comedy is a trilogy containing three volumes, each of which contains 33 cantos, otherwise known as chapters, (Dante, Alighieri). The three volumes are Inferno, Paradiso and Purgatorio. In all the three volumes, Dante Alighieri plays the author as well as the central character. The poem is written using the

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