Django Unchained Hero's Journey

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Steven Contreras
Mrs. Uyemura
English 1A
27 May 2013
Road To Freedom The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, explains the characteristics of the hero’s journey. This journey consists of a hero leaving his or her ordinary world on an adventure to later return as a changed person. The movie Django Unchained tells the story of a newly freed slave, Django, in the world of racism at its most treacherous time. Django learns how to survive in this world and sets out to rescue and free his wife. By analyzing this movie, Campbell’s theory about the hero’s journey can be better understood. Django takes the path of a hero and goes on a journey that will lead him to his ultimate freedom. Campbell states that the first process in a
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This truly upsets Shultz but Django, as a result of his transformation, sees to it that they continue with business. Django begins to treat slaves as if he himself were a white man. This gives him courage and power.
Once they arrive to Mr. Candy’s plantation, Django quickly spots Broomhilda. They then try to convince Mr. Candy if they can purchase his strongest fighter along with Broomhilda for $12,000. Mr. Candy gladly agrees to the offer, but his slave and personal assistant Steven secretly tells him that Django and Shultz are only there for Broomhilda. They are both revealed as bounty hunters and Mr. Candy forces them to buy only Broomhilda for $12,000. With no hesitation Shultz purchases her but the thought of the “crucifixion” from earlier in the day forces him to kill Mr. Candy. Shultz is then shot dead by one of Candy’s comrades. Django kills many men but is forced to surrender for the sake of Broomhilda’s life. This clearly shows an example of Campbell’s theory of being within the Belly of the Whale.
Afterwards, Campbell states that the hero must go through some sort of Atonement or redemption. Django is turned back into a slave and taken away by new slave owners. However, Django uses everything he learned from Shultz to convince the new slave owners that he is a free man and will help them collect a $12,000 bounty from Candyland. While their backs are turned Django kills them and takes what Campbells calls a “magic flight” on a horse back to
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