Do Digital Tools Make Us More Or Less Productive At Work?

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Yitzi Teichman
Towson University
T-SEM 4737
Dr. Bailey

While technology can be a huge distraction, it also has the possibilities of massive amounts of productivity?

After talking in class, and looking into many different topics, I have decided to go with the topic of the distraction of digital tools. This is something that interests me immensely. We see in a work environment these days, there are tons of potential distractions. Phones, computers, games and so may other examples. For example, phones are a huge distraction, on our phones we have social media, instant messaging, games and so many other apps and services that can take us away from the task at hand. On the other hand, we can also get a lot done on our phones. Whether that means having phone meetings, FaceTime meetings, being able to call clients and so many other things we do with our phones. …show more content…

Do digital tools make us more or less productive at work? If you asked me, I would say that is up to us, the workers. Digital tools like, iPhones, computers, iPods, tablets and internet can be immensely distracting. That is why self control is extremely important in the work force. Think about a boring meeting, obviously one doesn't want to sit through it but, they use self control and sit through it anyway. Digital tools may be a distraction but we need to be disciplined to only use digital tools for work purposes. Now obviously this is easier said than done, or else this wouldn't be a question. Through out my paper, I plan to find a solution and an aide to help people stay focused on their current task even with potential digital

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