Do It For The Kids!

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As the first bell rings and to hearing the morning announcements, Red Oak Elementary School will begin their day! The children walk into the classroom, such as Alayna, who continues to lick her lips as she thinks about her favorite breakfast she had this morning, banana cinnamon waffles. The students have already placed their book bags in their assigned cubbies and are ready to begin the morning workout routine. Although Georgia public school teachers are capable of making an low salary, early childhood education is an enjoyable field and young people in search of a career should consider elementary school teachers because of job benefits, and an influential role in children’s academic and social development. A job is highly enjoyable when it is benefited! Teachers continue to enjoy the benefit of touching the lives of children they serve, which has fueled the careers of generations of teachers. Therefore, teachers are rewarded benefits, such as, attractive health insurance, retirement packages, summer vacation and working with children. For example, when my major was Early Childhood Education in the beginning years of college, I had volunteered at Red Oak Elementary. It was an exciting opportunity because it took placed at my sister’s second grade class. The teacher Ms. Walker had a positive influence towards the children, impacting their views and understandings and was able to choose the career path that benefited her to working with children (Field Work).

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