Do Schools Really Care About Their Students? Do Schools

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Do schools really care about their students? Do schools care for Academics? Or do they just care about the physical side, due to the amount of schools in the United States who care about their teams, and how they do? At the middle/high school level many students are encouraged to join the school’s sports team, with the pictures of the football team, the basketball team, the wrestling team, the cross-country team, the baseball team, the softball team and the track team. Persuading them to join to become one of “them”. Then there is the fine arts possibly a page here or there in the yearbook that one may have seen. In high school, it is all about finding the groups that benefit one the most. Little do schools know that their beloved sports …show more content…

One of the many benefits the fine arts have is that if schools made their fine arts programs mandatory it would increase their IQ scores. To start with, an intelligence quotation or IQ test measures the students potential, not how intelligent they are. Joanne Lipman writer of “A Musical Fix for U.S. Schools” reports that the fine arts give potential to their students:
He randomly assigned 132 first-graders to keyboard, singing or drama lessons, or no lessons at all. He figured that at the end of the school year, both music and drama students would show bumps in IQ scores, just because of "that experience of getting them out of the house." But something unexpected happened: The IQ scores of the music students increased more than those of the other groups. (Lipman 2).
Fulfilling their highest potential is what teachers and students strive to do in their path to success. Those who took no lessons at all, did not so fantastic as those who did. In addition, the fact that they are younger children they become more susceptible to outside influences. Imagine starting a child out on an instrument around the age of 5, and one starting out playing soccer. Physically one is going to be more advance. Mentally though, that child who is learning complex rhythms, counting skills, reading skills, and comprehension skills. Kids, who are taking fine arts classes, get a head start on a life full of more potential than those who do not

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