Do Video Games Lead Violence?

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Do Video Games Lead To Violence What happened to riding bikes around the neighborhood? Did the evolution of the technology helped the society to have a better understanding about each other, or was it the opposite? It has been a queer about it. Since the technology advanced, there are these video games, which have taken place engaging people on a deeper level causing some advantages and disadvantages in our society. Playing video games can lead to an aggressive behavior like fighting, bulling or abusing. However, referring to some people, they think that these video games reflect a big support in children memory that could bring them a bigger vision at school, but not according to Poole. S, who based to a new research thinks that “Video games will make your kids violent and more likely to fail at school” Web. (2000, Apr 26). There are statistics that shows how in 1996 the U.S entertainment software industry accounted 2.6 billion on sales and after twenty years later was increased to 11.7 billion profits. Most of the video games have become so realistic that withdraw people physically and mentally. Therefore, children at young age are more liable to oppose such aggressive behaviors because of spending at least 13.7 hours a week on the computer or on the play station, playing games. But, spending a quality time in front of the computer playing harmful games, the National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH) reported that the conscious of video game players have been partly
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