Doctrine of Foreign Policy Constructed by U.S. Presidents

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Just to name a few there was the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, Truman Doctrine 1947 and the Reagan Doctrine of 1984. For example, the Monroe Doctrine was constructed for two main reasons: 1) John Adams, Secretary of State, suggested the principle that the Western hemisphere was not an option for any further colonization by the European powers and 2) the U.S. would defend the freedom of other nations. The Monroe Doctrine proved its power in the 1900’s when President Roosevelt enforced the doctrine during the Venezuela Border Dispute as well as securing the independence of Cuba from the abusive Spanish rule.
During his Presidency, The Ronald Reagan Doctrine was a foreign policy in the United States from 1980 to 1991. The doctrine was to help eliminate communist governments such as Latin America, Africa and Asia which were supported by the Soviet Union (Lagon, 1994). The plan was to implement support to private and open guerilla and resistance movements that were supported by the Soviet in communist countries. Containment was the official policy towards communism and in creating the Reagan Doctrine, the focus started from keeping communism from spreading then it shifted to eliminating existing communist governments. In addition to the eliminations of the communist governments, the United…

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