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International University – HCMC Department of English IE2 READING & WRITING 1. Course Statistics : 120 periods (8 credits) Number of instruction weeks : 10 Number of sessions : 30 Number of sessions per week :3 Number of periods per session 2. Pre-requisite Number of periods :4 Students who achieved IE1 course score > 50 or scored from 35-60 on the Placement Test are required to take this course. 3. Learning outcome Students who have successfully completed the course are expected to have English proficiency at high intermediate level or higher. 4. Course books Reading Activator (Intermediate) Reading Activator (Advanced) Writing Activator (Intermediate) Writing Activator (Advanced)…show more content…
However, due to the capacity of the lab, lecturers are expected to register for lab use earlier. The lessons will then be re-scheduled accordingly.  Lecturers shall resume the responsibility for designing and offering in-class assignments as stated in the weekly guide. The assignment format should be as followed: o In-class assignment Reading 1: 2 passages (20 questions – 100 points) (Vocabulary, Reference, Fact & Negative Fact, Sentence Simplification, Insertion, and Rhetorical Purpose questions) o In-class assignment Reading 2: 3 passages (38-42 questions – 100 points) (All question types) o In-class assignment Writing 1: writing an independent essay (100 points) o In-class assignment Writing 2: writing an integrated essay (100 points) (challenge or problem-solution) 8. Policies Attendance Regular on-time attendance in this course is expected. A student will be allowed NO MORE THAN SIX ABSENCES. It is compulsory that students attend at least 80% of the course to be eligible for the final examination. Class behavior Students are supposed to: - prepare thoroughly for each class in accordance with the syllabus and complete all assignments upon the instructor’s request - participate fully and constructively in all class activities (and discussions if any) - display appropriate courtesy to all involved in the class - provide constructive

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