Does Caffeine Affects The Human Body

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Caffeine is the most popular mood altering drug in the world. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis (Coffee By the Numbers). There are a wide range of drinks that have caffeine in them besides coffee as well, including energy drinks, tea, coffee, and soda. It is used daily to make us more alert . But besides it actually being a drug, it affects the human body positively when given in moderate doses but like any other drug, it has negative effects too. Caffeine not only positively affects the brain and the body, but by taking too much it causes negative effects like higher blood pressure and caffeine withdrawal. When caffeine is consumed it blocks the adenosine receptors. Adenosine receptors build up during the…show more content…
Caffeine can also help those who are at a high-risk for liver problems and can reduce asthma symptoms (Griffin). Since adenosine receptors are blocked it causes calcium to be released in bigger bursts in your muscles causing stronger muscle contraction (Caffeine - Benefits and Risks). Caffeine also has other health benefits like a faster metabolism. Caffeine breaks down free fatty acids and forces them to be burned. Caffeine along with providing stronger muscle contraction but can increase muscle strength because of that…show more content…
While low to moderate doses of caffeine do not include any of these negative side effects, as mentioned before it has the opposite effects. When caffeine is taken in doses higher than 250 mg it also may raise blood pressure and increase anxiety levels (Feeley 7). Not only will extremely high doses of caffeine cause unpleasant symptoms, but if taken in large amounts for a long period of time the consumer’s body will become dependent upon caffeine. Caffeine in definition is a drug and like any other drug the body will eventually become dependent upon it. Sudden removal of caffeine from the diet also cause displeasing symptoms like headaches, anxiety, vertigo, chills, muscle stiffness, and increased fatigue (Caffeine - Benefits and Risks) (Smith
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