Does Coca-Cola's Competitive Advantage?

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Does Coca-Cola have a competitive advantage? A competitive advantage is simply what a company excels best at. Coca-Cola exceeds the vision, by selling a variety of beverages daily. It generates over 60% of its revenue and 80% of its operating profit from outside the United States. This could be the distinguishing factor as to why consumers purchase from this company and not the competition. Coca-Cola sells Sprite, Dasani, Powerade and Minute Maid and all Coke Products. Coca-Cola can also be understood from the perspective of quality that a business can create for the consumer.
A different perspective of approaching competitive advantage is its relationship with different business models, the degree of innovation and the information systems present. A competitive advantage is imminent if the current strategy of a company is value adding and is not now being implemented by its would-be competitors. The sustainability of a competitive advantage is rather difficult and although a competitive advantage can be sustained it has been recorded that this is not always the case. A fellow competing company can equally penetrate the market and invalidate the initial’s firm competitive advantage. In this instance, we do see that sustainability in the context of sustainable competitive advantage is not reliant on the time. A competitive advantage in this instance is only sustainable when the efforts by fellow competitors to vanquish the company's competitive advantage have ceased. When

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