Does Cosmetic Surgery Always Have A Positive Outcome?

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Does cosmetic surgery always have a positive outcome?

Cosmetic surgery has become such a worldwide trend. Most often, those who are seeking to alter their appearance believe they will feel better about themselves if they change the one thing they don’t like about their appearance. More often than not, it’s not just one thing people would like to change about themselves, there is many parts of their body they wish were thinner, more toned, refined, etc. After cosmetic surgery, I don’t think everyone who has something done is happy with the outcome. Even those who are happy might only be feeling instant gratification from the drastic change which occurred and might feel the need to have more procedures done.

A large part of today’s society is very impressionable. With the media and social media at every corner, from supermarket shelves to your very own phone, the media has a way of influencing how we live our daily lives. Amongst everyone teenagers I think are most influenced by others when they make choices, “things such as not being part of the popular crowd, changes in financial situation and divorce can negatively affect a teenager’s self esteem.” and “[t]herefore, it is important to determine whether or not these patients are requesting surgery to satisfy their own interest or to meet the expectations of someone else, for example a parent or boyfriend” ( Singh Kuldeep, n.pag.). Another group which is easily influences is young women, “aged 19-29” (Kuldeep, n.pag.).

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