Does Eddie Have Many Weaknesses And Weaknesses As A Communicator?

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Eddie is 2 years and 11 months, he was referred by his health visitor due to the concerns of his parents. They were anxious about his language development, as they reported that “he does not have many words” and that “they cannot understand him.” I believe that Eddie has several strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. A strength would be that he has had no significant medical concerns that could have affected his development. Furthermore, he has passed his hearing test therefore there is no possibility that a hearing impairment could be influencing his language development. In addition, Eddie has had no Speech and Language Therapy before, but three of his siblings have. His half-brother attended a language unit for a language …show more content…

It has been reported that Eddie engages in play, he particularly enjoys noisy play however does not seem to like drawing. During a play observation for an informal assessment at the nursery, Eddie readily engaged in short sequences of play with a farm scene. This is evidence of small world imaginary play, which involves sophisticated linguistic abilities. The informal assessment also found that Eddie has approximately 10- 20 words mainly nouns but he has shown other word classes. Another positive is that he is willing to imitate sounds, noises and word approximation. However, a possible deterrent of this is that his mother describes his inaccurate word approximations as non-words and this could affect Eddie’s motivation and confidence to communicate. Eddie appears to have unclear and distorted vowels of /a/ for /e/ which is an idiosyncratic and abnormal process of language. Eddie’s receptive language is a strength, he has good single and two-word level comprehension which is evident from the Derbyshire Language Assessment. This task also displayed that Eddie has a good understanding of the prepositions “in and on” however he made errors on “under.” Furthermore, he also displayed a good understanding of the abstract concepts of “big and little”. However, this assessment also highlighted that Eddie has a difficulty

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