Does Hamlet Love Ophelia Analysis

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In William Shakespeare's play “Hamlet”, throughout the whole play Hamlet’s love for ophelia is completely confusing and is very much questioned. Even though there is evidence in the text that Hamlet did not ever love Ophelia and that he's just manipulating her, there is also more evidence that he does. By the way Hamlet acts around Ophelia when they are alone, it is evident that he loves her and he shows his true feelings. In the play, he does many things to would make the reader think that he really does Ophelia like writing a letter and professes his love for her at her grave sight when she about to be buried but her also does things that make us wonder if he is also being fake and the love he has for her is false. The first indication showing Hamlet loves Ophelia is when he tells her “I did love you” (3.1.125). Hamlet tells Ophelia that he did once loved her then goes on and tells her he never did. He tells her that because he feels someone is watching him due to his and Ophelia’s sneaky love. To prove what she says is true, he asks Ophelia “Where is your father?”(3.1.141). Ophelia tells him he is at home and Hamlet says “Let the doors be shut upon him that he may play the fool nowhere but in’s own house” (3.1.143-44). This shows that Hamlet has the feeling he’s being watched by Polonius and feels as if he was planning something for him. At the beginning of the play, Laertes notices that Hamlet has an interest in Ophelia and thinks he will break her heart because
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