Does Psychology And Education Have A Link? Essay

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Does Psychology and Education have a link? Well in this essay I will be elaborating the link between Education and Psychology. I have identified the positives of Educations, negative and emotion intelligence and I will be referring these to my own experiences as learner myself. “Imam Ghazali” said “Education is the process of encouraging learning”. Behaviours such as how a person reacts individually and in groups as well as how they feel, thinks and acts. On the other hand, education with psychology is the logical study of the educational growth and the improvements of a child. It is very crucial for a teacher to teach students according to their rational abilities and their availability of educational psychology allows the teacher to do so. Psychology has changed as in a way where in the past education was only available for the upper class to where now it is available for all kinds of children with no regards to one background and the ability they have.
“Psychology was the science of mental life” (William James, 1890). Positive education is about using the science of positive psychology in educational environment, where it helps with teaching students about growth mind sets and how to get the most out of strengths. Here are some psychological concepts in regards to education, one of which is behaviourism, this is the science of how the mind works and processes the learning. “Behaviourism is a theory of animal and human learning that focuses upon the behaviour of the

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