Does Schizophrenia Occur In The Womb Essay

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Schizophrenia can be a crippling disorder, and only in the last several decades have scientist labeled it as a brain disorder. Scientists have also been researching to try and determine if schizophrenia starts in the womb. There are several factors that give evidence that schizophrenia is a brain disorder, including: enlarged ventricles in the brain, increases in the size of sulci, and decreases in some different lobes of the brain. There is also some evidence that schizophrenia starts in the womb based on the increase of its likeness, the more similar different genomes are.

One of the main differences between an individual affected by schizophrenia and an individual who isn't, would be enlarged ventricles in the brain. Enlarged ventricles indicate that the brain is detoriating, particularly in areas of the brain affected by thought disorder. One of the other indicators that schizophrenia is a brain disorder, would be the increase in the size of sulci of the brain. This increase of the sulci is directly related to a …show more content…

Scientist have used genetic similarities to try and determine a pattern people who are affected by schizophrenia, and how likely their relatives are to also develop the disease. The incidence is unusally high amongst twins, with some numbers indicating that twins have a fifty percent to develop schizophrenia if their sibling has already developed it. This number can also be higher between identical twins compared to fraternal twins.

With the advent of more effiecient and realiable brain imaging technologies, schizophrenia has been able to be identified as a brain disorder. This disease affects both the physiological structures of the brain and the mental processes that occur daily. Furthermore, by schizophrenia being identified as a disease that can start in the womb, hopefully scientist can develop a cure before schezonphrenic patients are even

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