Does Technology Affect Our Future?

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Imagine walking into class everyday excited to learn in different ways that does not involve the daily boring routine. A big controversy some teachers have is deciding whether or not our k-12 schools should place a greater focus on integrating technology. Although I could understand how some teachers may disagree with technology being used in class because of all the complications it can bring, I disagree. I think using technology in class can only better students in multiple ways. If schools provided students to more technology in class it can help engage student who have a difficult time enjoying school due to the daily routine teachers have accustomed with out it. Using technology also allows a wide range of uses and forms to reach students of all learning style because as we may all know, not everyone learns the same way. The most important use of technology would be the preparation it gives students for the future. Our technology is only speeding up and expanding daily so the more knowledge students have with it, the easier it will be for them to adapt to the real world. For students, technology is more than using the Internet. With smart-phones, instant messaging, music, videos, and social networking, personal and mobile technology is involved with everyday youth culture. Some teachers may look at the Internet as a place to only have fun instead of focusing more on schoolwork but most wont look at it as learning while having fun. In today’s society there are many

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