Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Society

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Our existence can be illustrated by a work of art. As the artist uses their brush, each splash of paint is a sequence of schema’s that are strategically placed on the canvas. Each are needed to cultivate the appropriate psychological, emotional, and physical response. Regrettably, if one splash is too harsh, the painting can be altered, damaged, or destroyed. Comparatively, like the painting, our sense of self is delicately ever changing with each interaction and response to an internal and external factor. A caregiver with a neglectful nature and/or an imbalance of neurotransmitters can impact an individual’s development and overall self-image. Equally, an individual’s experience with domestic violence and its horrific ramifications can also impact a person’s psychological, emotional, physical, and social growth.
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence, is a virulent calamity that has woven its way into our society for thousands of years. It is not biased to a particular race, group, or culture. Grievously, it has an everlasting negative impact on its victims. Although; adult victims suffer a great amount of pain and anguish, research has shown that children who witness domestic violence undergo neurological, biological, emotional, physical, and social repercussions. According to The Consequences of Witnessing Family Violence on Children and Implications for Family Counselor’s article, there is “a rough estimate of 17.8 million children who are witnesses of
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