Domestic Violence And Sexual Abuse

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Literature Review Background of Study Anger and violence happen at every level in the family, which ultimately destroys the family life, and it happens with couples, parents, children and also siblings. However, females have primarily been the target of violence (Payne & Wermeling, 2009). Domestic abuse is often recurring and it signifies that one partner in the relationship threatens the other psychologically, economically and sexually by harming them physically or threatening to harm them physically (Eisenstat & Bancroft, 1999). Domestic violence against women is a big issue in the United States (Crowell & Burgess, 1996), and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, states that any act, that hurts or damages or that has the capability to hurt or damage is judged as an act of domestic violence, and the perpetrators can be both men and women. (Kaur, R. & Garg, S, 2008). Domestic violence and abuse not only encompasses physical abuse, but also emotional abuse (Nursing Standard, 2014). Therefore, violence against women can is not only physical, but psychological agression (Erez, 2002). Many female victims of domestic violence become victims of their own psychological experiences. For instance, when women are not financially independent, it can be limiting considering that they often face barriers when they decide to leave from an abusive situation, which impacts them psychologically. (Payne & Wermeling, 2009). Generally, the objects of abuse are women,

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