Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence

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Domestic violence occurs in all economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds of every society of the world. In Canada, 546, 000 men suffer from domestic violence; that equates to 6% of the male population (Family Violence). The number of women who are victimized through intimate violence total around 653, 000; that equates to 7% of the female population (Family Violence). The amount of abuse being directed towards men is essentially the same amount that is directed towards women. However, the family Violence has on the parent-child relationships referring to the father as the abuser or the perpetrator of domestic violence and the mother as the victim of domestic violence. Both men and women are abused; however, there is lack of research and lack of awareness that leading father’s being the victim and mother’s being the perpetrators. A study done by Denise Hines, a professor of psychology at Clark University, found that men who attempted to contact police, domestic violence agencies, and abuse hotlines were because “Police that focus on severe violence by men towards women” ( Hines and Douglas).
Background literature family violence According to this literature insight a different perspective about the research dealing with domestic violence has also focused mainly on women as victims and men as perpetrator. The extent of abuse against men is more terrifying than terrified, feeling humiliated than they are of being battered because” the belief the police would not take any

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