Domestic Violence Effects On Women

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Domestic violence is the single greatest cause of injury to women. 25% of women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. That is a higher risk factor than many cancers and other diseases (Foushee, J. P. (2016). Even though, women experience domestic violence guys do also. They may be even more ashamed to ask for help. Just because the victim could be a male doesn’t mean they can’t be hurt. No one usually believes males, because they are masculine. Physical is not the only action of abuse to man. There is many causes such as emotional/ psychological/ mental, spiritual, economic, and social abuse. Violence and sexual violence survey, 1 in 4 women (23.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.7%) have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate…show more content…
An abuser might do several acts of physical harm. For example pushing, shoving, chocking, biting, hitting, and punching. Even though all domestic violence are severe. In my opinion mental abuse is pretty bad. It affects your brain, our everyday life, your self-esteem. Being called names, being criticized, humiliated, and isolated. Being isolated is social abuse. The abuser wants to control the victim all the time. They want to know their every move and second of the day. The cycle of violence come in three stages. 1. Tension building stage (tension in the relationship builds over time.) 2. Acute Battering Stage – (tension erupts resulting in threats or use of violence and abuse). 3. Honeymoon Stage (Where the abuser is apologetic and remorseful and promise not to be abusive, again). (Coleman, G. D. 2007) The abuser will keep the victim from family and friends. Being in a social abuse relationship it damages the victim’s social relationship. Economic abuse is keeping the victim from working and controlling the finances. The victim has to ask for money and when there is not enough then they have to do without. When you are being forced to have sex, get a sexually transmitted disease or unwanted touching anywhere on your body it is a sexual abuse in domestic violence. Some abusers doesn’t want them to have anyone else and will tell them that they can’t live without them or the abuser can’t have the victim then no one else will either.…show more content…
This would help the victim and the children letting them know that this was not their fault. It may take a while since you never know what the children have witnessed during the attacks. The workplace can be one place of safety for the victim. Because the victim would have to have income to take care of themselves and their family. When they are in an abusive relationship they need to talk with their supervisor immediately, so when something reminds the victim of the abuse and she is unable to do the job, they can try to make it easier for the victim. They can give a leave of absence to take care of the demands that has to take the victim from work. One downfall is when the abuser knows where the victim is employed the abuser can stalk them and when that person leaves their place of employment attack the victim. The Chickasaw Nation has a Domestic Violence Task Force that will help the victim to get away from the violent situation. They provide emergency shelter for the victim and their children. The victim can get Group/Individual Counseling. Transportation is provided to get to them to their appointments. Tribal and Community Resources is offered. They can be relocated or have transitional housing. Education is also provided. The Family Advocacy and Family Preservation has resources for the family to get into another home and to try to keep the family together. When you feel
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