Don Jackson : A Visionary And An Ethical Leader Essay

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Phil Jackson
Being known as one of the greatest in your craft is something that many people strive for; Phil Jackson has achieved that while staying true to his beliefs and overcoming one of the greatest pains a person can know. His actions, behaviors, and decisions while coaching the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers define him as both a visionary and an ethical leader. In this paper, we will review Phil Jackson’s use of intellectual stimulation to develop his teams into highly functional units capable of problem-solving and his use of management by exception-passive during games. We will also explore how he used ethical leadership to overcome his competing values during Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case and his use of open-mindedness to consider an alternate point of view, giving him greater strength to do so. Furthermore, this paper will expose my personal experience with a need to further develop my use of intellectual stimulation and management by exception-passive, as I typically solve problems for my subordinates and follow up more than necessary. Finally, it will show my strength in the use of open-mindedness to support a leader that was attacking our team. Personally, I require more work to be known as one of the greats; however, the visionary and ethical abilities of Phil Jackson are what makes him arguably the greatest coach the NBA has ever known.
Visionary Leader
Phil Jackson not only knows where he wants to go as an organization, but he has the visionary

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