Donald Kettl 's The Next Government Of The United States

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Donald Kettl presents many controversial ideas in his book The Next Government of the United States. While some of the ideas Kettl provides many be disagreed upon by some he gives excellent validation for reasoning. Two ideas that I believe are well worth discussing are the Mildred Paradox that correlates with the Mildred Corollary and the irresponsible governance provided by the federal government. Each of these ideas brings about aspects that should be considered by citizens when thinking of the U.S. government. Kettl’s ideas are important in considering what the government does and does not do for citizens: consequently, some may or may not trust the United States government, and Kettl is providing reasoning behind the distrust. Kettl uses the negligence and disconnection of the government to the citizens to provide reasoning for why our government is failing us. The Mildred Paradox pertains to the United States government paying for services provided to citizens, but is not the provider of the actual service. The services that the government is paying for are outsourced to other companies. The government is not properly controlling or even involving themselves in these services, therefore, things can slip through the cracks without being noticed; correspondingly, things may be overlooked for the sake of the company providing the service. Kettl argues that the exposure to such issues is growing in our system. Medicare and Medicaid provide money to people who need it,

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