Donald Trump Interpretation

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“Accomplishments will prove to be a journey, not a destination.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower
This quote represents all that an american president, and really just any leader of any country should be. A president should be able to take the trip through elections or even their past political or even business experiences and still be able to get to their final destination. No, the journey may not be easy, but what it proves to the people they are trying to persuade is that they have the effort to put forth and keep going. No matter what happens or how far they fall, the fact that they get back up, brush off the dirt and trudge on through the slop of politics is enough the prove they have more than what it takes to perform well in the white house.
Donald trump won the presidential election due to many reasons, but some reasons were stronger than others. His stance on gun control and abortion touched the heart of many true americans, while hilary was winning the average foreign vote, Donald trump was out getting the votes from the true red, white, and blue supporting American citizens. The issue of gun control was an issue weighing heavily on many Americans across the nation. Some
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The choice of life is something that a person should not be able to take away. If two people have sex and the female gets pregnant, whether it be by accident or on purpose it is their responsibility to care for the infant that they produced. Life is a blessing to everyone, even if the baby was not planned, it is not the parents choice to decide if the child lives or dies. That baby has its own life and its own future to live to. Trump says that on the topic the government should not pay for the process of abortion because it is denying a person its right. It is denying a person its right to live and diminishing that on which this country stands
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