Dorothy Must Die Analysis

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Kelly Zarate
Mrs. Hartmann
Honors English, Period 2
October 9, 2017
Dorothy Must Die
The book, Dorothy Must Die is a New York Bestseller. Dorothy Must Die is a fantasy novel, written by Danielle Paige. Danielle Paige has many other books in the Dorothy Must Die Series, explaining her adventures and how she grows to finally do, what the title says and kill Dorothy Gale.
The main character of Dorothy Must Die is named Amy Gumm. Amy Gumm is the protagonist of this story while Dorothy Gale is the antagonist. Amy Gumm changes in the story from being sarcastic, scared at what was going on and not having very many friends, to being tough, brave and still very sarcastic. Amy does the right thing when the wizard of Oz tells her to kill the Tin Woodman by removing his heart. Although Amy knows it's not the good thing to do, she knows that it's the right thing to do. Amy also does the right thing when she sees a wingless monkey tied to a post with a sign that stated For The Crime Of Sass. Amy was very surprised that the beloved Dorothy would punish a monkey for sass. Amy freed him from the post even though she knew she would be punished. I can identify with Amy when she shows how kind she is with the monkey. She freed him and continued to stick by his side through the first few chapters of the book, even though a munchkin named Indigo, who was helping Amy, told her not too. One character who was a big part of Dorothy Must Die was Mombi. She is the leader of the Revolutionary Order
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