Double Standard

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Double Standard

Women of our time are beginning to break into this male dominated news industry. A recent survey from Ball State University showed that 99% of all broadcast newsrooms have female employees and that now women make up more than 40% of the total broadcast workforce (Papper, 2005). That same survey unfortunately showed that only 10% of local sports reporters are women and that 7% of local sports anchors are women (Sheffer, 2007). These numbers show that women are breaking into the broadcasting industry, but not necessarily into the sports industry. Sports and sports broadcasting has typically been created by men, about men, and reported by men. Tuggle’s (1997) analysis of the effect of sportcaster gender on the proportion of
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Why is it that men are willing to watch beautiful women on television report on masculine dominated sports like football, but not willing to actually watch these women play the sport? There have been numerous accounts where women have gone for interviews where the directors have told them “he would hire a woman [sportscaster] over his dead body (Sports Illustrated, 1991). Many women in our generation have been turned down for jobs based on their gender alone. But, there is a flip side to this coin and that is the gorgeous women who are hired because they are women. Women are sometimes hired based on their attractiveness and grab the attention of the male audience. In 2000, Playboy Magazine ran a contest where the readers had to vote on “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster.” This so-called contest shows the degradation of women and the use of women as sportscasters in the sense that they are just a sex symbol and not a professional. Sheffer (2007) ran a study where he submitted surveys to all the major news directors across the nation, asking them questions based on candidate quality issues, such as sports knowledge and on-air presence, between male and females in the hiring process. The main purpose of this survey was to uncover any stereotypes the directors had in regards to women’s sports and female sportscasters. He found that overall, news directors did not believe that female sportscasters are held

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