Double Standards of Men and Women in the Raise the Red Lantern

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Throughout time, women have often been regarded as the inferior gender. In China, women have had to go through dire circumstances in order to look good in the public eye. From foot binding to becoming concubines in a prison-like house, women have been through hell in order to please their men. There are a series of double standards and contradictions to how men and women are treated, and this is shown in both Lu Xun and Qiu Jun’s essays as well as in the film set in 1920s China, Raise the Red Lantern.
Set the scene: it is China during the 1920s and women do not have a voice. Zoom in to a woman walking into a house that looks like a gray prison-zone. This is her new home. She is the Master’s fourth wife, and her name is Songlian. Raise the Red Lantern is a film that depicts how women were treated as objects instead of as human beings, but also shows how contradicting it was to be a concubine in a Master’s home. Technically, these women were under the control of the Master. They were fed, housed, and, every night, the Master would choose a wife to sleep with. He would light a red lantern, and the chosen wife would be pampered. This contradicts with how the women act. The Master believes that he is in control, which, in many ways, is true; however, when the Master is not around, the women control the house. They fight and sabotage each other in order to have the “power” of being chosen for the night. The “chosen” mistress controls what the breakfast will be, is given a foot…