Case Study : Brock Beauty, Inc.

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Brock beauty, Inc. is a company located in Los Angeles, United states of America specializing in the innovation of natural hair and skin care. The headquarter of the company is found in Oak Harbor BLVD Slidell in Los Angeles, The company was found in 2004 committed in delivering safe natural ingredients and formulae that have been clinically tested and verified to treat inside out. The better business bureau (BBB) has confirmed that the company meets and complies with the BBB accreditation standards. In other words, the business has been doing well in accomplishing high quality products and ensure competency in all sectors of their services. Currently, the business has not ventured in the cosmetic market of London and Canada. Canada and London provide an opportunity for the company to expand its market through its international entry strategy of retailing and B2C framework. The SWOT analysis of the company shows a wide range of strengths and opportunities for the company’s future success such as market gap (London and Canada), Globalization, technology and good customer relation (BBB accreditation). The company demonstrates high capability of sustenance and survival through retailing, personal selling, E-commerce, E-marketing, Fashion Collaboration and other B2B platforms.
The financial projection of the company is promising based on the strategies that put customers first. Also, the cosmetic industry of US has been thriving and revenue projected or forecasted to shoot
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