Example Of Fenty Beauty Advertisement

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Recently, Fenty Beauty released a commercial onto Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. This is the ideal method for displaying the makeup line because commercials have motion, which allows the viewer to see the use of the products in various looks. This advertisement shows a wide variety of people from different cultures and parts of the world. This makes it relatable to almost all people watching it because people automatically connect to advertisements where they see people that they associate with themselves. Therefore, by using this technique people will have a positive image of the brand and are more likely to buy the products. Along with the use of diverse models, there were animations of the products all linking together. By showing models in various shape, skin colour and background, Fenty Beauty focuses on an audience that has been rarely targeted. The audience for the makeup line are people with darker skin tones. The market for this audience was nearly untouched so there was definitely money to be made. This advertisement is also very unique in the way it shows its products. It has an aesthetic feel and makes itself visually appealing by using varying shades of colour, shapes, and camera angles along with upbeat music synced animations keeps the audience engaged. This creative use of visuals make it more appealing to the audience so that they are more likely to buy the product. The visuals show all the products in the product mix. The packaging of the products in the

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