Dr. Arthur R. White, Pastor / Teacher And Deaconess Thelma White

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CCBC July 12, 2015
To Rev. Dr. Arthur R. White, pastor/teacher and Deaconess Thelma White, Thank you very much for this gracious opportunity to stand in this pulpit to proclaim the word of God. It is indeed an honor. Deacon Monroe Harrell and Deaconess Shadina James, and all of the wonderful Saints of CCBC, thanks for your presence you didn?t have to be special our pastor is away. But as always you all make my heart happy. To my family daughters Trustee Bailey, Tessie Harris, granddaughter Kia, Taylor and Zora the joy of my heart, thanks for being here with me. I love you all from earth to the sky.
There is a word from the Lord! Let?s pray to God the Father of the Universe!!!

Let Us Pray To God The Father Of The Univerise!!!
O? Lord, Hear Our Prayer, O? Lord; Hear Our Prayer, When We Call Answer Us,
O? Lord Hear, Our Prayer, Come And Listen To Us, O?Lord You Are Just In All Your Ways, We Exalt Thee, Bless The Lord O? My Soul And Bless Your Holy Name, Holy! Holy! Holy! You Are Lord God Almighty, We Worship You O? Lord In Spirit And In Truth, Blessing To You The Creator Of All, O? Lord You Are So Wonderful, Mighty And All Powerful. We Love And Adore You. Thanks O?Lord For Blessing These Your People. To You O? Lord We Give All The Praises, Glory, and Honor For Ever. Amen! Amen!
Read Genesis 3:1 -4, 8, 10, 13

Genesis 3: 1- 13 Please No More Liars or Hiding (1- 4, 8, 10, 13)
Genesis the book of the beginning of the creation, every living creature, first sin ,first

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