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BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office DR. BECKETT”S DENTAL OFFICE CASE BACKGROUND Dr. Beckett is a dentistry graduate with high technical expertise. After her studies, she established her dentistry business and she was able to sustain constant revenue with high profit margin. However, in spite of the technical talent she gained from the university, she lacks the core knowledge in business. Since the dentistry industry is rapidly changing due to technology and government regulation in health, Beckett’s margin has declined due to continuously increasing overhead cost. She needs to adapt in the changing environment by investing in new technologies and spend for staff’s trainings. She strongly believes in…show more content…
While other dental services may have opted t offer lower price to adapt to the trend of declining health care cost to insurance companies, Dr. Becket took the opposite direction and focused on quality to justify the relatively higher pricing. To support the move, the new office contains state of the art facilities, an updated modern design and several value added service. The pricing strategy is actually aligned to the conceptual target market that Dr. BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office Beckett’s wants to capture – the white collar workers who have the capacity to pay and see the value of having a beautiful and well maintained teeth. Promotion The dental office has been in the business for 22 years now and has generated a customer base of 2,000 active patients simply through positive word of mouth from patients who tried the service. There was no need to advertise heavily through traditional medium. Aside from the fact that advertising was not the norm, margins we’re also good before. With the changes in the market landscape (increased competition, reduction in health care cost, etc), Dr. Beckett may feel that there is a need for her to develop a formal promotional strategy, in line with the total service revamp in order to capture a wider customer base. Process Overall process and service is very professional. In fact it’s commendable that in spite

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