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Dr. Combs

Educators preserve technique before educating learners’ abilities effectively influence students. Ordinarily, the effectiveness of an educator entrusts dynamic various strategies educate learners. However, learners retain brilliant approach ahead of comprehending findings. I acquire a personal philosophy through reading chapter three & chapter 4 in Foundations of American Education. My personal philosophy is Behaviorism seeing it is similar to the school I worked at as an Teacher’s Assistant. The ideas are similar to what I do currently. The ensuing paper presents my philosophy on special education seeing purpose of schooling, nature of learnings, curriculum, …show more content…

For example, student tendency consume water subsequent exercising or searing. However, fervent stimuli taste considering water. Additionally, inadequacy prior to selective edibles through daytime/ Curriculum
Accordinarly behaviorist curriculum consider students shall cultivate unconventional skills eminently affect environment. Learners curriculum entail diverse content programs and materials considering problematic solving skills. Therefore “ teaching materials, instructional methods, and teacher-classroom behavior.(Wittrock 1987). Educators diverse strategies instruction attain an objective goals assist accomplishing authentic settings. Ordinarily, encourages learners comprehend distinctive subjects. Instructional Methods
Educators behaviorism philosophy practice diverse instructional methods paired with reinforcement. For example, a student learning hence repose chair during cycle prior to ratify reinforcement. Teachers present various edibles seeing students stay seated. There are alternative prompt position manding popcorn. The various instructional methods is token economy, reinforcers, tangible items earned when a behavior that is acceptable is achieved. Children practiced various course typing, spelling, and math upon computer. Classroom Management

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