Dr. Lanier 's Lecture

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Over the timeline of Dr. Lanier’s lecture there have been many essential topics on how the government functions. With the complex culture of today’s America, it is important to understand how the country works. In a study executed by Business Insider it has been recorded, “The poll showed only 36% of Americans could name all three branches of the government and 35% couldn 't name any of them. It also found over 60% of Americans don 't know which political party controls the House of Representatives and the US Senate” (qtd. Business Insider). With American’s running amuck through streets protesting and rioting, I believe it is important to understand how the country works and what it takes to make a difference. In Dr. Lanier’s Lecture, I …show more content…

One of the main problems of the economy is the federal minimum wage. One of the bigger issues with the minimum wage is that it isn’t enough to support a family. Another relative issue with the economy is the possibility of Government incentives to businesses providing jobs within the country to keep jobs domestic. An issue among most of the lower democratic class is the hope of a heavier taxation on the rich to give back to the poor. The most important foundation of American relations is the way we manage Foreign Policy. According to the Presentation Foreign Policy is defined, “programs and policies that determine America’s relations with other nations and foreign entities” (qtd. Lanier). The more important areas of Foreign Policy are Diplomacy, Military and security policy, International human rights policy, and Economic policy. Since 9/11 one of the main concerns for security have been to ensure domestic tranquility. However, with the security of America, the U.S. Government has utilized humanitarian efforts to provide aid to foreign citizens and governments in need of help. I believe the U.S. prides itself on providing help to others, or at least reaping the benefits of getting involved. Recently, there has been a political problem with the government of Syria. The Syrian Government released toxic chemical bombs into a rebel-captured town last week affecting innocent civilians living in the town. President Donald Trump

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