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Case Analysis: Dr. Jack Perry, D.D.S.

Dr. Jack Perry had a meeting with one of his employees who suggested that there were several problems in the office. Some of the problems were low morale among the staff, lack of motivation to grow the business, filling cancellations, following up on collections, and engaging in cross-sell procedures. Dr. Perry had noticed these problems previously but felt unsure about his personnel and business management skills. Using his notes from a presentation made by a business consultant at a dental conference, he has to decide how to act in order to address these problems. This paper will attempt to analyze some of the problems and offer alternatives and a solution.
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He provides a competitive salary and an environment that is ideal for employees. Although the pay is competitive and Dr. Perry is easy to get along with, the employees need more than financial satisfaction in order to be motivated and engaged and this poses a challenge for Dr. Perry. The challenge facing organizational leaders is that most employees are not very engaged. Several consulting reports estimate that only about one-quarter of American employees are highly engaged. (McShane & VonGlinlow, 2010.) In general, most employees are just not motivated to perform their jobs. Dr. Perry, as the leader of the organization has to find a way to create a more motivated environment. Another problem is that Dr. Perry has no expertise in managing people. Dr. Perry is a brilliant dentist who managed to graduate at the top of his class, but his training is limited to the dental work. He has not gained the knowledge necessary to manage the personnel. He has been attending seminars and conferences on employee motivation but he does not seem to have a clear cut action plan on how to implement what he has been learning. Dr. Perry also seems to be relying too heavily on using monetary tools to retain and motivate his employees and not exploring other resources that can be used to motivate the team.

Dr. Perry considered several options in an attempt to change the level of engagement and motivation with his team as well as to

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