Drafting, Revising And Editing

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In Donald Murray article’s “Drafting, Revising and Editing”, he talks about the faith, planning techniques, writer’s block, getting started and task to keep writing for a any type of writing assignment. Murray also give tips to the writers of how to improve their paper every single time they revised it. Even though Murray talks about the techniques there still going to be writers not using all the tasks he provides, yet writers are going to feel like quitting on the writing assignment; therefore Murray gives writers tips of what to do when they feel like quitting. Murray’s advice will be useful for my essays papers because I can use the new tips for all my essays. In order for me to become a better writer, Murray’s advice is to have faith on myself on writing, and being able to start my essay. Murray talks about how one itself does not have any faith to be able to write the words in a paper or to even write a paper, because they are scared of making mistakes. Murray said, “Many writers fear the first page because they are not ready to write”(42). I agree with Murray, because some writers are scared of writing the first page of their essay because they do not have faith on themselves. I use to fear any kind of writing essays, because I would always tell myself I was not good enough in writing papers for any school subject and did not had faith on my writing skills. Having no faith on my writing ability created a problem for me because I would not turn in any essays,
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