Dreamliner 787 Case Study

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Tara Lentini Week 3 Case Assignment Boeing: Dreamliner 787 Discuss the nature of the market structure and demand for the Dreamliner. What are the implications for Boeing and its customers? The market structure for the Dreamliner is that of an oligopolistic nature which means there are few aircraft manufactures who sell large quantities to its buyers. With Boeings biggest competitor Airbus unable to compete with the Dreamliner product, Boeing has the chance to take over the market for commercial aircraft. The demand for the Dreamliner is derived demand. Due to customer demand for comfortable fair priced airline travel, the demand for the Dreamliner will increase. Customers demand comfort during air travel and the Boeing Airliner…show more content…
With multiple configurations, the buyer of the aircraft has the option to decide what seating configuration would best meet their airline needs. For example, Southwest Airline only offers economy class, so they would order a jetliner with one type of seating configuration. There is no need for Southwest to order a jetliner with first or business class on a Dreamliner. Other airlines may find it necessary to order multiple aircrafts with different seating arrangement to best meet its marketing and customer needs. Discuss the customer buying process for a Boeing airplane. In what major ways does this process differ from the buying process a passenger might go through in choosing an airline? The buying process for an airline placing an order for a Dreamliner would first have to recognize a need for a new aircraft offering the amenities of the Dreamliner. For example, an airline with aircrafts that are ready to retire due to age may look at the Dreamliner as good solution to add new innovative products to their fleet. Next the buyer would have to recognize the general specifications and quantity needed of an item. Here a buyer of the aircraft would consult engineers and technical personnel to discuss the options available on the Dreamliner Aircraft. For example, the technical staff should be consulted regarding the wireless entertainment system on a Dreamliner. The control tower may need modifications to ensure

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