Dress Code Essay: What Is Dress Code?

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So what im going to talk about is dress code because i dont think we should have it them not letting us wear pants with holes or taketop or shorts is litally the dumbest thing to me cuz pants with holes are cute and if its hot we dont want to wear pants we want to wear taketop with shorts and them saying that its a distraction to boys make me really mad because are legs are under the table so they cant even see them and i have no clue how are arm are a distraction because we all have arms and if girls have dresscode the

But its seem like are school aint the only one having prombles with dresscode in some of the stuff that i read about dresscode is that "girls been having to change in to there baggy gym shorts and then thye get juged for wearing there gym shorts" like firts they get mad that they have to change but then they get judge like that isnt making anything better like can somone tell me how that making thing better?and if us girls feel comfortable with wearing what we are …show more content…

Dresscode why do we have it? if they didnt want us to wear the clothes that we like to wear then they should make us wear soenthing that we all have to wear othwerwise we shoud have to wear what we want and i dont think what we wear is a distraction and i dont think that some school shoulld have dress code if one has it then all of them should have even tho i dotn wnat dresscode i think all the school need to give it away or all the school have it or all the gilrs and boys ahve it not just girls beacuse if there saying boys get dirstacted then you never know gilrs could to so all boys and girls should have it not just girls and then not letting us wear holes in are pants and shorts all the stuff is saying that its ok for boy to get truned on by are legs and arms and that not ok so we should give away dresscode or all kids should have the same rule with

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