Driving Agressions

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The phenomenon being tested is road rage. The participants were student from a psychology class. This type of research method is called correlation study. Which looks at the relationship between variables under investigation. The correlation coefficient gives information about the variables such as strength and direction. The strength is based on a scale ranging from negative one point zero zero to positive point zero zero. The direction is measured by positive or negative of correlation. Correlations that are negative make an inverse relationship. Which means as one variable increases the other decreases. Even though a strong relationship between two variable doesn’t ensure they’re linked in a causal relationship. The students volunteered…show more content…
The dependent variable is the driving log. The participants were given driving logs to complete in three days of the following week. The logs recorded the amount of driving and situations they encountered that produced anger on a scale from zero to one hundred as the most anger. Participants also indicated risky or aggressive behaviors they performed by choosing from a list. Aggressive behaviors included gestures like swearing. The risky behaviors were speeding, drinking and driving. At four weeks the participants were given a psychology test called Driving Anger Scale. The version of DAS had fourteen items. Even though the items asked about driving anger it was used to measure over all driving anger. The DAS participants were asked to read short descriptions of driving events. Then the participants were asked to imagine being in the situation and rate the severity of anger the situation would produce in them. The anger was rated on a five point scale which ranged from not at all to very much. Individual items included “A slow vehicle on a mountain road will not pull over and let people by, “Someone speeds up when you try to pass them; and “Someone backs right out in front of you without
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