Drones Don't Desensitize

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Drones don’t Desnsitize; Rather, they Sensitize and that causes Stress There are now many skeptics that object to the practice of drone usage. A main idea here is that piloting a drone has no structure, as if it were you simply playing a video game. This view stems mostly from an unfamiliarity of video games. Piloting drones in relation to the experience of playing video games is however still a problem but not on the topic of desensitization but rather sensitization. Drones, much like video games, have become very submersive and can expose pilots to feelings and emotions that could be dangerous to their psyche. It is a proven fact that video games produce emotions, both good and bad. They also bring people together by creating similar objectives and a similar sense of purpose. There even exists social normals in gaming communities that can be detailed and show that video gamers indeed show sympathy to one another. Research shows that though video games can only make a virtual reality, they still make a user feel like they are in the game and that what occurs in the game has actual meaning and gravity to them. Games need to be interactive and evoke emotion for those in the game because if not, there would be no reason to even pick up and play the game. Through this logic, it can easily be drawn that video games are not desensitizing tools but quite the opposite. Now, drones are not video games but they create a similar sense of a virtual reality and the same concepts

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