Dropping Out : Why Should High School Drop Out?

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High school is hard. There are bullies, people who harass others. People who have disabilities try harder because they can't understand as well. Kids ask themselves every day: why am I in school maybe I should just drop out. These questions may feel like two sides of the same coin, but there are separate issues here: What are the legal requirements for attending school and dropping out? Even if you can drop out legally, what are the probable consequences? Every state has their own laws as to when a child may drop out. "For instance, several states allow students to leave school if they: have received their parents' written consent and have participated in an exit meeting with school officials are legally emancipated, or are attending high school part time and are either legally employed or enrolled in a private vocational school."
If, you stop going to school and you don't have a judge's agreement then you will be considered a truant. Generally, you and your parents could face fines that get bigger every day you're not in school. Also, your parents could face criminal charges, or you might even get caught up in the juvenile justice system. ''Dropouts earn almost $10,000 less every year than those who have a high school diploma.'' If you're considering leaving school before getting your high school diploma, you probably have your own reasons that could be a side effect in the future. Sometimes, people have good reasons but most the time it's because they "Hate" school. In

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