Drug Abusers Should Be Treated And Not Incarcerated

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Drug Abusers should be Treated and not Incarcerated
Compassion, counselling, empowerment, and empathy, and not incarceration, this must be the slogan for drug addicts. Imprisonment is not going to address the menacing issue of substance abuse and addiction. As a matter of fact, imprisonment is only going to increase the vulnerabilities of the addicts and is going to disrupt their psychological build up through the undue process of stigmatization. But adhering to the orthodox criminal justice system and adhering to the rigid regulations (that have been actually brought upon the criminal justice system by the means of the “War on Drugs”), law enforcement has to put the addicts behind the bars. Even though such system is hard to change, some …show more content…

So, it can be seen that drug abuse itself makes a person irrational because it is a disease which must be treated and not confined within the barriers of prisons. Proper treatment regimens meant for the imprisoned drug addicts can be thoroughly beneficial. The lesser the number of addicts the lesser the chance of prison overcrowding. This is a valid truth but such truth can only be attained if treatment procedures are being incorporated within the prison system. Just like a disease should be diagnosed first and then the process of treating and curing it must be administered; within the prison system the drug addicts should be diagnosed first with the reasons behind their addictions and such process can be very much helpful in treating this menace of drug addiction. It is noteworthy that the drug addicts should be treated within the prisons to ensure that they are not going back to the communities with an urge to steal again to pay for their drugs, get arrested, and again return to the prison, overcrowding it thoroughly. Drug addiction must first be considered as a disease and not a crime. The concept of retributive justice is not for the drug addicts even though it might be applicable for cold blooded serial killers. Drug addicts are not murderers, they are ill, and they need treatment and not the tortures rendered often within the prison

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