Drugs Control Lives

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Drugs Control Lives The long lasting effects on drugs can be destructive. Once you’ve become hooked on drugs they can make you do things you never thought would happen. It always starts out just wanting to try it to see what it does to you, but usually once you’ve started it becomes a habit. A habit that you start having no control over, and before you know it you’ve lost everything that was important to you. People I know have become victims to drugs and it is sad to see the outcome from choosing drugs to rule your life. Because of drug use, people hurt their family emotionally and financially, start stealing or committing crimes to provide for their habit, and it can also negatively influence their children. Drugs not only effect …show more content…

Parents that use drugs usually fight and argue in front of their children and are generally abusive. This could lead to their child being a bully at school or constantly trying to start fights and talk back to their teachers. Children that grow up around drugs are more likely to try drugs at a young age. This could lead to them taking the drugs to school and trying to give or sell them to friends. I’ve heard a lot about youngers kids going to whitfield county schools that have brought drugs to school and ended up getting caught. These kids end up being expelled from school or being sent to a juvenile correctional facility. Kids that grow up this way end up being the same as their parents, because that’s all they have known their whole lives. Choosing to let drugs control your everyday life can completely destroy you. Not only will it hurt you, but also your family and friends who truly care about you. It will make you lose your job, your friends, your family, and everything that you love. Substance abuse is a hard habit to break. Before anyone takes a plunge into that world of misery, they need to think about the short-term and long-term effects drugs can have on the rest of their

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