Dual Immersion Education For Students

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ual immersion education aims for students to become fluent in two languages, English and whichever language they are enrolled in. This education is done through a program where students are exposed to two languages in the classroom. Dual immersion education is beginning to expand towards more cities and needs to be better financed. As it expands, the popularity grows resulting in more parents becoming aware of the program and then wanting it offered at their child’s school. Dual immersion education’s budget should be increased, in order for more schools in the United States to be able to provide the program to their students. Through the lens organizational synthesis the process behind how dual immersion education is conducted will show the benefits of providing more schools with the program. In “Ways of Seeing: An Essay on the History of Compulsory Schooling” David B. Tyack presents the lens of organizational synthesis. Through this lens, he focuses on the development of compulsory schooling and analyzes the changes that it goes through, including the factors that affected the enforcement of compulsory schooling and the requirements that were to be followed.
The lens of organizational synthesis is used to view the organization that took place and the synthesis, or fusion, of ideas that led to the changes occurring. Tyack uses the lens to explain the transformation that schools have gone through while compulsory schooling was evolving, becoming more prominent in school, and
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