Dual Process Of Personality And Attitudes Theories

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Dual Process in personality and attitudes theories The article studied called “The continuum Model Ten Years Later” by Susan T. Fiske, Monica Lin and Steven L. Neuberg brings three main topics which are personality, traits and attitudes. There is a big distinction between the information formation and the social cognition. Information formation means in social psychology that information about an individual might become the full impression of that individual. Social cognition means in social psychology that how people process, or apply information about another person might be interpreted based on the knowledge. However this does not mean that by just having a little bit of information about this person that the…show more content…
They might think that what they know might be better than what other know which in some cases might become a problem. Personality relates to human beings differences in their characteristic features of thinking, feeling and behaving. It exists two areas in where the study of personality can be focused which are comprehending individual differences in distinct traits of the individual and explaining how those traits can come along as a whole. Most people have different personalities depending on certain situation and certain types of people. As human being people have tendencies to act differently between being outside of their comfort zone which will be in a social situation and being at their house or with their close friends. This is called having double or multiple types of personalities. However, I will not relate this as being a dissociative identifies disorder because in this case it is a choice made by the individual of acting differently in different places with different social types. For example, I have seen recently one individual at work that is acting very differently than what he is originally as a person. The way I see this person is that when it comes to a place outside of his comfort
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