During My Busy Afternoon Shift At J.C Penny, I Observed

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During my busy afternoon shift at J.C Penny, I observed an interaction between a shoe associate and a customer who had a mild case of down syndrome. My coworker Lida assists customers at the front of the store by showcasing shoe displays and ringing customers on the cash register, while I retrieve and supply shoe sizes in the stock room. Lida pointed out that a customer had a disability and would need assistance. As I observed the customer she appeared to be looking for a pair of nikes, but we did not have much on clearance. Lida walked near the customer in close proximity to assist her which caused the customer a great deal of stress. The customer stated she was trying on shoes and she wanted to space, while Lida stood nearby in case …show more content…

Gaining knowledge through advertisements is one means of encountering disabilities, but interacting with people who have learning disabilities is a completely different experience. As I boarded the A train heading into Manhattan, a lanky, long haired man stood in the center of the aisle and proceeded to deliver a message to the public. The man stated that he was unable to keep his apartment, his job or his car because of his learning disability and problems with drugs in the past. He showed symptoms of hyperactivity moving back and forth between the car asking for donations, so that he could get a bite to eat. The man received little money from the passengers in the car, but he continued to talk about his disability and how he dropped out of school at a young age and became addicted to crack. Overall, my experiences have shown me that you can encounter the theme of disabilities in various places, such as at work, listening to music and even riding the subway. Throughout our daily lives, we begin to understand that those with disabilities struggle in both the physical and cognitive domains. People with physical disabilities may use wheelchair and often times require the assistance of another individual. For example, when people with physical disabilities are entering a bus they use a ramp and their seatbelts are buckled by the bus driver. Encountering those with physical disabilities is not uncommon due to the fact that their

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