During World War I, It Would Have Been Absurd To Think

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During World War I, it would have been absurd to think that an Ottoman fighter could actively recruit fighters from inside Russia, to fight from the inside. In the 21st century, this is completely attainable, and it is possible for a member of ISIS to communicate with a citizen of America, using the internet. Active recruitment from thousands of miles away is conceivable. The environment that the world is in has changed dramatically. Advances in technology have made it easier for irregular warriors to organize, train, and carry out planned attacks, completely changing the nature of war. Even the ends that war is fought for have changed. Using the principles created by General Rupert Smith, war is now understood in a different context. War …show more content…

Most national assets were focused on contributing to the conflict, but some of the public and political opinions of certain individuals in the government prevented these wars from being coined as “absolute.” During World War II, industrial productivity increased, men were drafted into the armed forces, and all types of jobs in the country were focused towards winning the war. There also was a clear and hard objective that was being fought for, and the purpose of the war was widely known. In the 21st century, countries fight much more limited wars, with fewer resources, less people, and a smaller amount of emphasis of the objective of the fight. For example, take the Gulf War. The intention behind the fight was to change Suddam Hussein’s behavior, or even overthrow his government.2 The military objective was completed swiftly, but the overall goal of changing the government did not happen. The condition that was being imposed upon Hussein’s regime was not being fulfilled. General Rupert Smith commented that this was not satisfied because the military had no strategic goals after occupying the state. The initiative is transferred to the people once military occupation is present, and it is up to them to determine their future society. This new fighting style differs from traditional “total war” fighting styles, in that, these limited wars may not have support of the people, one vital part of Clausewitz’s trinity. Although all wars have

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